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Giovanny Lopez (b.1990) is a Colombian born artist, currently based out of South Florida. His preferred media is oil on canvas or linen. Giovanny excels with his inventive color application and precise brush making, to create vivid portraits for his viewers to get lost in. He is currently working on a series of portraits that explores the concept of individuality. They are constructed with a narrative and color focused intention to engross the viewer and allow the subject and viewer to communicate nonverbally and establish a connection in this disconnected world.

2023 - Individuality - Solo Online Exhibition

2022 - Emptiness 2022-Group Exhibition

2022 - Las Laguna Art Gallery- Outstanding Exhibition

2022 - Fusion Art - 8th Figures & Faces Art Exhibition - Awarded Artistic Excellence 

2017 - BFA - Florida Atlantic University - Studio Painting

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